Electronic Development for Amateurradio, Remotecontrol of Standard Radio (SRT) Receivers

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Current  projects.

Uppdated July 2017

Synthcard "DDS" to CR91 and TD91 Is ready now and are built upon orders.
Synthcard "DDS" to CR90 and TD90 Will be ready this autumn, but can be preordered now.


Updated Sep 2014

Remote  Power and SWR meter 1.8MHz to 60MHz max 2KW power,  measure  Forward and  Returned power ,  calculates  SWR and  Return Loss
Reading via a windows program over IP (internet)

Interface card for Standard Radio CR91. 
Interface card for CR302/CR304 and CTD500  inclusive MGC , S-Meter  and 4 AUX  Outputs

Updated Sep 2014   Ongoing project: Network Remotecontrolled  6 chanel audio mixer,  connect 6 sources to 1 soundcard  and control levels with a windows program. Pictures uploads later  Delayed, ongoing hardware reconstruction.

CR302/304 Controller card, a single control card without  connection to  exciter CTD500.  Pictures uploads later

A new controller card for the exciter CTD500 will be manufactured if interest exist , contact me for status about that.


The Interface
simulates an ICOM Radio with Ci-V interface (USB  port) that is connected to a PC who is running the program  HRD
"Ham Radio Deluxe" It then makes it easy to control CR91/CR302 Locally or via Internet.

CR91 on HRD   

 CR91 Customized  for HRD                                                                                             Interface Card 4 x 7 cm for CR91


 NEW Control card for CR302/304 is ready

Features: Frequncy, S-Meter, MGC adjustment and Fine Tune